The Ride

It was a one-time bet that my friend Tori made as a joke. And now it was my turn to make good on my bet. And quite frankly, I was nervous, and my friend didn't think I would go through with it. And to be honest, I was really beginning to wonder the same thing.

"He will be here any minute." Tori said with more anticipation than me.

As the Uber driver pulled up, I gave my friend one last pleading look as I walked over to the car and stood there for a split moment, took a deep breath and opened the front passenger door.

"You must ride in the back." He said.

I gave Tori a look of "what now?"

"She gets car sick if she rides in the back." She thought fast, giving me the 'your welcome' look.

I nervously got in and sat down in the front seat. As I closed the door, I waved by to my friend as we took off.

"Where to?" He asked. It took me a moment to muster up the courage to speak. I gave him the address so quietly, it left to wonder if I was talking to him, or myself. "I can't hear you." He said annoyed. I repeated the address a little louder, but it came out as more of a question than a statement.

"Seriously? That's over 2 hour drive. I hope you have the money."

I sat there nervously with my hands in my lap looking down at my hands a moment before talking. "Actually, I don't. If I'm going to be honest." He quickly slammed on his breaks making my body slam forward wishing I had put on my seatbelt as he pulled to the shoulder, demanding I get out as he reached over to open the door for me as if he knewk I wouldn't.

"I will make you a deal you can't refuse if you just keep driving." I said placing my hand gently on his forearm.

"I doubt that. But I'm listening."

"I will let you see my breasts."

"Lady, Im driving you ovet 150 miles, and it's a 2 hour drive one way. Unless those tits are made of gold, you are wasting my time."

"I will let you touch them too."

"Not interested. Please leave my car before I have to drag you out of it." Thinking about the consequences of losing the bet, I thought as fast as my heart was pounding.

"You have a video camera, right?" "Yes, and it's recording everything you do and say right now."

"I will make you a deal." I said looking at him for the first time. If you keep driving, and take me where I need to go, I will...." I hesitated. "ride topless the whole way."

He chuckled, "As tempting as that may be...." I interrupted him.

"And bottomless too." I closed my eyes thinking that would lessen the rejection I was surely about to receive. When it was too quiet, I opened my eyes and starred at him pleadingly.

He starred back at me, almost too long. It was then I realized how beautiful his goldish brown eyes were among his light tan skin. Italian? Maybe middle eastern I thought during his silence. No more than 25 if I had to guess. Then I was wondering if I would have been able to make this same offer to a much older, less attractive uber driver.

"And let me finger your pussy the whole time."

Shocked I studdered unable to say anything. I was speechless.

"Well? We have a deal or not?" He stared at me. I was silent. Not necessarily thinking, but just stunned.

"Then please get....."

"Okay." I said before he finished and I had a chance to change my mind.

I stared into the camera as I slowly unbottoned my top with my hands shaking. Each button I undone slowly revealed more of my pink lace bra I bought not too long ago on sale, not thinking it would be meant for an uber drivers eyes first. As I got to the last one, my hands steadied a tad more and I slipped my shirt off, showing off my laced bra.

"Aren't you going to start driving?"

"Not until my finger is inside of you."

I leaned forward in my seat, and reached behind and unbuckled my bra letting the straps slide off my shoulders. I thought I would be much more embarrassed by my hard nipples that the camera was now recording. As nervous as I was, I started to feel warm all over and was thankful for the ice cold air conditioning blowing directly on them which kept them hard.

"I'm letting my bare breasts show for the camera." I thought to myself realizing for the first time ever that this uber guy is actually the first person to ever see my bare breast.

I unbuttoned my pants and slowly slipped them down, revealing my matching laced thong. I was shaking as I pulled my jeans down just past my thighs. I stopped temporarily as I made fists because my hands were shaking nervously.

No man had ever seen me naked before. Or even as much as seen me in a bikini. And now, for the first time ever, I was about to share my most intimate parts with a stranger who I meant nothing to. All for a college bet.

"Want some help?" He asked, interrupting my thoughts.

Unable to find my voice, I nodded my head yes slightly as I don't believe I could have found the courage to continue. He reached over with both hands, I felt how soft his fingers were, and his soft skin which made me tingle all over as he slowly pulled my pants down past my knees and as far as he could before I did the rest. He took his hand and massaged his fingers back up my legs slowly, and his fingers lingered along the top of my panties, tracing the lace pattern and he slowly slipped his fingers under the top lace, teasing, and massaging the area of my torso before he finally, and slowly slipped them down too. As the lace fell around my ankles, I lifted my knees to my chest to allow him to finish what he started as he took them from me. As he delicately held them up, he smelled them. "I am going to keep these." He hung them over the rear view mirror. I was horrified that my panties were hanging on his rear view mirror for the world to now see. Before I realized what he was doing, as I was staring up at his new rear view mirror decor, he took his hands and slowly seperated my knees apart which I didn't realize I held together so tight. "Relax." He said smiling realizing my innocence. As he helped my legs to spread apart, he ran his hands slowly up and down my thigh teasing, and allowing me to get used to the new feeling of hands that have never been between my legs. I could already feel my pussy tingling and becoming moist before he even had the chance to really touch me.

At first, he gently explored my lips, spreading them apart. I was unsure if it was more for his eyes or the camera. I have always been so conservative my entire life. Wearing short sleeve shirts showed too much skin. So I didn't understand why I was so turned on, but I didn't care at this point. He had me wanting more. His finger played with my citoris and I thought I was going to explode already as these foreign fingers were the first to ever touch this part of me. Swirling, and playing, he slowly moved down and barely penetrated his finger inside me and I gasped as I grabbed his hand as if I would be able to help him pleasure me. Slowly I realized what I did and I removed my hand from on top of his and placed my hands on my knees forcing my legs apart further, rubbing my own inner thighs and back to my knees to make my hands feel useful. He watched intensely as his finger pulsated in and out slowly, he watched my face enjoying this new form of pleasure I never knew exsisted. His fingers were as wet as I was. My breath increased as he pressed his finger deeper inside of me. It was uncomfortable. And hurt at first because it was foreign, but I was getting wetter and started to enjoy this pain and pleasure.

As he started to drive, he pleasured me in ways that began to make sense as to how people can become sex addicts as his finger inside of me felt like a drug I would forever crave and eventually want to explore more of another time.

We came to a stop light, he said for me to lean the seat back so the car in front would not be able to see me.

"Let them." I moaned caring more about my new sexual needs than decency. He smiled excited.

I moaned louder as he touched me.

He took advantage of the red light by leaning over and started liking my nipple and massaging my breasts. That made me wetter as I ran my fingers through his silky soft black hair enjoying his face buried in my bare chest.

Opening my eyes begging the light to stay red forever, I noticed the guy in the white F-250 truck next to us seeing my legs spread wide eagle. Make that 2 people to see me naked now. Looking over at the 40-year-old man with an amused look, I smiled and motioned, through the window somewhat joking "Take a picture. It will last longer." My uber driver pushed the button to allow the passenger driver window to roll down, not only removing the glare from the hour or so of daylight we had left, but also the only sense of security I felt. And at that, I heard a few clicks of the camera from a complete stranger in the lane just barely a few feet away next to us, and I was turned on more.

"Ready for another adventure?" He asked as he pulled into a busy truck stop.

We stopped at a gas station, and I am sure it was by no accident that he pulled into the busiest gas station he fcould find and he parked between two cars to top off his half tank of gas he already had. He made sure to keep the camera rolling, and I mad sure to keep the window down not caring anymore who sees my shaved wet pussy spread wide and my thong hanging from the rear view mirror. In amusement, I leaned forward and hung my size 34C cup bra up there too which brought well deserved attention to our car. Or better put, on me. Leaning back I did my best to stay calm and keep my breath steady as a man in his mid 30s came up to my window staring at my toned, slightly tanned body.

"Would your boyfriend be jealous if I took a picture?"

"Oh, he's not my boyfriend. He's just my uber driver giving me a free ride." We both smiled in amusement.

"Can I offer you a free ride too?" The stranger asked.

I laughed, smiled, and said. "You can have a keepsake picture instead." I placed my foot out the window, just barely brushing his hand with my toes spreading myself for a teasingly open invitation.

And at that, he held his camera in my direction. Thinking he was snapping a keepsake picture, I didn't want to have my eyes open for his picture, so I closed them, but instead of pictures being taken, I felt him place his finger inside of me. He was recording himself fingering me. I wasn't expecting that, and I was too stunned to tell him to stop, or say anything, so I looked down at his fingers pulsating inside my soft pussy realizing how different one set of fingers felt inside me in comparrison to another. And as quick as he touched me, and heard me moan in pleasure for his video, he finished by licking his fingers, and thanked me and went back to his car before his wife would get a chance to see what he had just done.

As we pulled onto the main highway, heading to my destination, I sat there naked, my body craving his finger to be inside of me again. Touching me one more time, he smiled and said "Your pussy is so damn tight. You can get dressed now." He smiled, liking his fingers as he touched me one last time.

"You know that you are the first person to ever see me naked. Or even touch me." He looked at me in disbelief as I said that. "How is that possible?"

I explained our bet, and how I was only meant to flash him. "But then I came up with this plan to tell you I didnt have any money for a ride, and one thing led to another, and well, here we are." I looked at him. "And now, well, I don't want it to end."

"Well, I can show you what you did to me." He unzipped his pants, revealing his big erection sticking straight up. He slowly scooted the seat back to give me room and he motioned for me to bring my mouth to him. I leaned over and gently started stroking him, inexperienced, not knowing what to do, I began by rubbing my toungue on the tip of his cock, and slowly just took him in my mouth as far as it would go in.

He rubbed his fingers through my long thick curly brown hair, coarsing my head motion up and down, and I stopped just long enough to change positions and put my knees on my seat allowing my ass to face the still open window for passbyers to see me spread wet and wild as my mouth pleased my uber driver. He took several videos and pictures with his personal phone of my lips wrapped around him. I refused to stop, or be discrete when the car briefly stopped at each red light. And heavy bumper to bumper traffic at times caused some stir as I heard horns honking at us. The occasional shouts, whistles of people trying to get my attention was thrill seeking. I concentrated on sucking him, learning all I could and not worrying about all the videos that soon would be flooding the Internet.

We turned down my road, which was all open farmland with no other houses around. Of all the roads we traveled on, the last road to my house felt longer than the 2 hour adventure we shared. As he pulled up into my driveway, he reached for my lace, and I said "Keep them."

Starring down at his still large errection, I pulled my pants on, and put on my shirt leaving it unbuttoned. I got out of the car, and he walked me to my door.

"Do you walk all of your customers to the door?"

"No, but again, I dont get that kind of service from my customers either. So, it was the least I could do."

"Well, if you are not in a hurry to leave, would you like to come inside?" I smiled.

He thanked me, and politely declined as a respected gentleman I knew he normally was.

Disappointed, I looked at him and said, "Let me rephrase that. Would you like to come inside?" I said then added the last word "me?"

His eyes grew big as he realized what I was asking. He thought a moment and said "on second thought, I may have some time to spare." He said as he followed behind me.

"And by the way.... thanks for the ride."