My College Boy: Chapter 1

By Roxanne Smeen

Chapter 1: Dorm Days

I met Timothy on a humid day while walking towards the corner store. It was the end of August, when the sun was shining just a tad bit shorter every day. He was in a rush, jumbling his books and belongings, as he moved into his freshman housing. Maybe it was the humidity or maybe I was just hot and heavy, but he was mesmerizing. His soft, pale white skin. His eyes hazel green and sparkling in the sunlight. I remember forgetting the words when we first made eye contact. Then he giggled and said, ‘Hi, I’m Timothy, what’s your name?’. I snapped out of it after a second or two and greeted him. ‘Hey, I’m Adam’, and I smiled while looking deep into his eyes. I think we both picked up on the fact that we were gay pretty quickly, but it’s always a bit interesting to remain mysterious at first. I decided not to push it right away and continued along to the store. Timothy was in a rush anyways and I knew I’d see him around. I’d make sure to ‘bump’ into him again sometime, that is. Letting the feelings build up is always part of the fun.

Living in Cambridge is usually lively and full of chance encounters, but since the pandemic started things have been really dull. It’s a lot harder to meet people and there are just a lot less ways to explore the guys around town since we’re all masked up. That’s why it was a real surprise when I bumped into Timothy at the library.

He was reading about graphic design and I decided to pop over to his table to say hello. ‘Hey, Timothy right?’, I said as I sat right down across from him and his papers. ‘Yeah, how are you Adam? It’s really nice to see you’. Really nice to see me? Hmm, wow. Now I think it’s clear how we both feel, so I decide to get a little more daring during our conversation. Being a dominant guy, I love making a guy’s heart race. I want him to feel my sexual energy when I’m around. I could tell Timothy was ready to submit to me before we ever spoke. The first time he looked at me, I could see it in his eyes. The lust and desire to be used.

That day it became more clear how serious he really was. He was a very horny boy, and I could tell because he slid his soft legs against mine after we sat and talked for just a short few moments. Even that caught me by surprise. I love when a younger guy seduces me. It’s just so unbearably hot and I could feel my cock swelling in my already tight pants. Something about the confidence it takes for him to try such bold gestures is what got me going. My cock rose at the thought of Timothy giving himself to me later on that evening.

Usually, I like to plan things out a little more seriously, but being on lockdown for so long I think we both knew that we needed to have a release. After all, the tension had been building for so many months. We could only hold out for so long. Timothy and I both knew we wanted each other the moment we embraced at the corner store. Our chemistry was so strong. It was only a matter of time. A connection this vigorous was rare and I think Timothy realized that as well.

The conversation progressed, and I just couldn’t stop losing my train of thought. Gazing into his eyes, getting turned on endlessly. Both of us, knowing what we were about to do. The spontaneity of it is what made it so hot. Hookups are one thing, but finally connecting with someone special who caught your eye months ago is something else. Timothy knew it too, because he started rubbing my leg and his hand grazed the head of my penis over my jeans. His eyes widened and he started to lose his train of thought too. Good, I thought as my mind started to wander into the different areas of pleasure, imaging what we would try. Seeing as it had been months since I’d fully bred and dominated a submissive bottom, I knew this was going to be an intense session of sex. I also knew I would be unloading a lot of cum. What I didn’t know was what Timothy wanted. Naturally I had to get a bit inquisitive, though we were in the library! I couldn’t exactly describe my ideas in detail.

The conversation died down and I decided to start digging, so to speak. Knowing full well I’d be digging out his asshole with my tongue later that afternoon, and then my thick, long cock. ‘What do you have going on later today? I’d love to check out your place sometime.’ A little forward, I know, but if I was going to dominate him, I had to be sure he was willing to do what I said. He didn’t even miss a beat before saying, ‘Yeah, I’d like that. Want to come over now?’ By his answer I could tell he was ready, and like I said before, I needed a release after being on lockdown for so long. ‘Sure’, I said with a devilish smile.

Masked up, we embarked on the short, but painstakingly long journey back to Timothy’s dorm room. If you know what I mean… It was just a little over a mile away, but it felt like we walked for an eternity. Soon I could tell we were getting closer and my cock started to harden again, precum sticking to my underwear.

The dorm buildings were surrounding us and the next thing I knew Timothy led me into the stairwell of his building. ‘I’m in unit 33B. Follow me this way.’ And that I did. Up the stairwells we went, my hand caressing his hips and ass. Timothy started to push his cheeks back against my hand. He was ready to get opened up. My cock started to twitch and leak at the thought. I was ready to pound. It had been a long time since I unloaded and my thoughts were racing. Nothing feels more intense than my mind moments before a hot fuck. Thoughts speeding every direction, thinking of positions and ideas. Sexy ways to make the experience hotter for Timothy and I. As we approached the final door to his floor I found my hand all the way inside of his sweatpants, middle finger playing with his hole. My cock was pressing against my pants and it could hardly stay inside. I truly couldn’t wait to get into that room, and then that hole.

Luckily his room was just the second door on the right, because I think someone would have seen me rip his pants off in the middle of the hallway had it been any further away. We raced in the room, and I slammed the door behind me as I escorted Timothy with my right hand. My left hand still nestled between his ass cheeks, massaging his hole.

I could feel my cock starting to really drip in my pants, and it was begging to come out. So I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down. Leaving my hard cock pressing against my boxers. Timothy was on his knees, rubbing my legs. It wasn’t long before he slid my boxers down and kissed the tip of my penis. The sound of his lips and tongue, massaging and licking. Up and down, from the base to the head. Smelling my man scent and tasting my pre-cum. I think Timothy knew he was about to get pounded, but I’m not sure he understood how deep or hard. Sometimes I like to be sensual, other times I like to unload.

This was not an entirely sensual encounter, though I felt something when I was with Timothy. A feeling that was beyond lust and bodily desire. A feeling of comfort. Like I was there to protect him. To comfort him, like his presence comforted me. It was all so peaceful. Until it got hot. I could save the romantic fun for after we got to know each other a bit more. This time, though, I wanted to get to know Timothy’s holes. Specifically his throat and asshole. I wanted to caress his body and get him relaxed. Opened up for me.

He continued to suck and swallow my cock as my hands rolled through his wavy hair. I thrusted deeper and deeper into his mouth. He swallowed it all. Timothy barely gulped or gagged. He was a pro, and the glimmer in his eye told me he knew it to. It was time to overwhelm him a bit, and show him his place. As my bottom bitch.

I held my cock, all eight inches, deep in his throat. It was almost 45 seconds when I finally let up, with his eyes watered up and saliva on his face. Then I instructed him, ‘Get on your hands and knees, and present your hole. NOW!’. ‘Yes master’, and he turned over from sucking my cock to present his ass, cheeks spread apart. My cock stiffened when I saw that tight, pink hole. Puckered shut and surrounded by Timothy’s pale, white butt. That tiny pink ring. Waiting to be opened fully.

I pressed my mouth and half shaven chin in between those cheeks, and he definitely felt the roughness of my face against him. Timothy was a bit uncomfortable at first with the feeling, until he felt my tongue press into his anus. ‘Oh god Adam, that feels so good. Please lick deeper, dig deeper!’. I licked up and down, in circles, and up his hole for what felt like almost a full half hour. Slowly working deeper and deeper with my tongue, relaxing his asshole. Making him submit and present his relaxed anus to me.

My cock was so hard it was getting painful to just leave standing straight up. ‘Turn over, and suck’, I instructed him. Timothy turned around, still on his hands and knees, ass up, and started to give me head again. This time I was less patient. I spanked his ass and got both cheeks nice and red as he continued eating my cock. Every so often my hand would linger after a spank, and my fingers would find their way deeper and deeper into that hole of his. It was opening up so nicely, you could even hear Timothy’s hole winking and flowing. I knew after a few more spanks that Timothy was ready. I was ready. Whether he was prepared or not, he was about to feel me unload seven months worth of cum deep into his anal cavity. This lockdown had me so worked up, I’m not sure I was even ready to unload that much. I was mentally preparing for a mind blowing orgasm. The kind that leaves your head spinning and eyes rolling.

The smell of his wet and open anus arose as I spread his cheeks as wide as his body would allow. Soft, pale, white, silky hips greeted my hands. And my pulsing cock was resting on his lower back. Hot and thick. Leaking pre cum and writhing between his upper ass cheeks. I slid up and down a few times before I lost my patience. Inch by inch I entered Timothy. Slowly feeling my cock against his rectal walls. Pushing open, eagerly, but not without a challenge. Timothy had a tight little asshole after all. I wasn’t even three inches in and he was wailing, begging me to dig deeper. ‘It hurts, but I need more Adam. Deeper. Please. I want to feel your testicles against my asshole.’ So deeper I slid. Pumping my penis in and out as I gripped his cheeks. The further I went the more he moaned, and almost screamed. He was getting overwhelmed quickly. As I reached all eight inches fully inside Timothy he pushed back a little. ‘Is everything ok sweetie?’ I wasn’t too worried, but still liked to check in. I couldn’t let my dom side go too far.

‘Yes Adam, I just need a second to get comfortable. You’re so wide.’ It was the perfect opportunity to get some photos of his anus as it was opening for me. ‘Ok baby, just stay right there with your asshole presented for me. Ok?’. ‘Yes sir!’, and he did as I slid all eight inches out, and watched as his hole slowly closed, but not all the way. He was starting to relax for me. His ring was widening. I walked over to the dresser near his desk and grabbed my phone. I didn’t notice it at first, but as I walked back up to Timothy, I could see him reach to spread his cheeks for me. ‘Very good boy Timothy, you’re going to keep that asshole open all the way for me, right?’. ‘Yes, master, I want to be open for you. And then I want you to flood my hole. I need your cum so bad Adam, can you give it to me harder?’

Harder? I thought. Damn, he was a bit wilder than I had first presumed. At this point I knew it was time to get more aggressive. Time to take what was mine. I diligently took some photos, with my penis resting on his lower back, against his hole, and at various points sliding in. Including fully penetrating Timothy with all eight inches. He liked that photo the most, and brushed the bottom of my balls with his hands as I worked and pressed deep against his anus.

Enough photos I thought, as I tossed my phone across the room onto the other bed in Timothy’s dorm. ‘Arch your back, and show me that open asshole. Do you hear me?’. He didn’t even flinch before fully repositioning on his hands and knees and making sure his asshole was exposed for me, at the perfect height. ‘Good boy, Timothy. Now are you ready for a deep pounding and breeding? I’m going to own that ass and throat of yours.’

‘Yes sir’. He didn’t have much else to say, because I think he knew things were about to get a lot more intense. It’s critical to both mentally, and physically, own your bottom bitch when breeding their holes. I was doing enough dirty talk and conversation, but I hadn’t really been very physical with little Timmy yet. With my cock standing steel hard up in the air, bumping against his bottom every so often, I knew the last thing I needed to do to get Timothy to completely submit his body to me for an unloading of cum. It was time for his spanking.

I got my cock aligned so it was just barely pressing into his hole, and then I started caressing his cheeks and massaging his lower back. Just as Timothy started to get comfortable and his anus received another inch or two of my cock, I laid down a hard smack on his left ass cheek, And then his right. These weren’t soft pats, they were hard, firm wallops and they left a mark. I was just getting started. Smack after smack, I punished Timothy’s ass cheeks and reddened them up. Deeper I slid with every spank, and soon I was all the way inside as Timothy was screaming for more. My cock was slick and soaking wet in that hole, gliding in and out with ease. ‘Deeper daddy, oh fuck, give it all to me’. Smack, smack, smack. You could hear my balls slapping against his ass as I was pounding and pumping deeper. In between spanks, Timothy’s soft voice let out moans and wails. He was almost completely open now, so you could hear the air when I pumped in and out. I loved it so much seeing his pale white ass cheeks all red from my spanking. Every so often I would slide all the way out and spread his cheeks completely just to see how open he was. I slid out to find a wide open hole. Timothy and I were really starting to get kinky now. I just couldn’t get enough of that gaped pink asshole, and kept prying it open for a view every change I got.

I stood there with my cock out, admiring his open anus, when I decided it was time for a new position. I was positive I wanted to unload all of my cum while I was pounding him doggy style, but I wanted a little change of pace before we finished. Like I said earlier, I really enjoyed my time with Timothy. It was only our first time playing, and I already knew he was a special boy. My college boy.

I stood Timothy up and walked him to the corner of the dorm room where he had a soft cushioned chair near the window. ‘Lay on your back, and lift your legs up now. I want to see that open anus so I can slide back in boy.’ He did as I said quickly, and I bent down and pushed his legs back all the way, exposing his hole. It opened wider and I slid right in, while leaning up to Timothy’s face to start kissing him. We kissed passionately for a few minutes, just fighting with our tongues as I slid in and out, deeper and deeper. It felt like he kept opening, but his hole was gripping my cock so nicely it was heaven. As much as I enjoyed this position, I could feel my load welling up and I knew it was time to fully pound my boy’s butthole.

I pulled out slowly, smelling my precum and his juices all over my cock. The sound of my hard, engorged cock popping out of his sloppy wet hole. Timothy moaned in pleasure as my cock exited his butt. Then I stood him up again and walked him to the floor. I grabbed two of his pillows. One for beneath his head and the other for over top, because I knew he was going to get loud. I didn’t even have to speak. My submissive college boy got on his hands and knees on the floor between the beds in his dorm room. He lowered his belly to the ground and arched his back to fully present his hole like the good bottom boy that he is. I didn’t wait long to take what was mine.

Rubbing my hands against his lower back, feeling the goosebumps and Timothy’s soft, pale skin. I could feel his body anticipating it. The release. We both needed this. I don’t think he knew how badly I did. I slid my cock in fast and he let out a squeal. It was probably a tad overwhelming for him, but I wanted him to have the most powerful orgasm with me while I unloaded, so I didn’t let up. I quickly grabbed the second pillow and gently laid it over his head as I began to pound with force. Don’t worry he could still breathe under the pillow, I just wanted to muffle his squeals. The breath play and choking could come later, though I’m not very into those fetishes. I get the feeling Timothy is though. When I laid the pillow overtop his head he submitted further, pressing his open anus against my steel hard cock. He slid all the way back, with ease, until my balls pressed him. The feeling was unmatched. My testicles relaxed and swung against his moist body as I powerfully slid in and out with my long cock. He was fully open and fully receiving me. And I was fully entering him. Our chemistry was so raw and ripe, it felt like we were one.

I started to really lose control, and then the pounding turned into rough breeding as I crossed over the edge. His ass opened and my cock clapped against his cheeks over and over again. Floods of my thick, white semen came rushing out deeper and deeper into his hole than I ever could’ve imagined. We were both sweating and worked up, breathing oh so heavy. His body was warm and flush. His hole just completely seeped with cum. I lifted the pillow to ensure he could actually breathe fully and he pressed back harder. My cock still sliding in and out, slowly decreasing in speed, I could feel Timothy’s ass start to tighten up. The thought of him cumming turned me on so I started pumping hard again, and Timothy exploded cum out all over the floor beneath him as my cock drilled his cum filled asshole. I continued slowly pumping for a few more minutes before I collapsed on top of him and pressed his body against the floor. After months of waiting for a release, I had finally unloaded into my college boy. And I felt like I was floating above the earth.

I drifted into a half nap as I kissed Timothy’s neck and nibbled on his ears. His hole relaxing and rubbing me with my cock still entirely inside. Good lord I found the perfect submissive bottom bitch. I couldn’t believe it and just passed out in ecstasy without a care in the world. I could feel Timothy sleeping beneath me when I drifted away into a sensual slumber with him.

Two or three hours later I awoke to a dark room with some faint light from a desk lamp. It had gotten dark out while we slept in sweet bliss. Timothy was still fast asleep, and at this point, my soft cock had slipped out of his hole. But the cum was still wet inside and his anus wasn’t nearly closed. My devious side won and I decided it was time to unload one more time before I went home. I wasn’t asking Timothy either. My cock hardened quickly at the thought, and I got up on my knees holding myself straight up with my cock hanging out and up. I leaned forward and slid my cock in between his ass cheeks, sliding back and forth working some of that cum as lube under my erect penis. It felt so good in Timothy’s cheeks and I was warming up as I got hornier.

Spreading his cheeks I could see my previous work. It was beautiful. His soft pale white ass cheeks with a flush pink hole in the middle. It was still wide open. I couldn’t resist and slid my tongue deep inside. He woke up with a moan and my cock twitched. Precum leaking out. I had only cum a few hours ago, but Timothy got me so worked up. The feeling was special. It had been a long time since a sub bottom turned me on like this. I really felt chemistry with Timothy. On a kinky and really open level.

He pressed his ass back, signalling to me that he was ready for another deep fucking and breeding. I could feel his horniness. Using his ass and hole to beg for more cum. Bouncing back and forth, rolling his hips. I had to take a moment just to stare as he shook those beautiful cheeks. Multiple spanks later I found myself plunging in with my cock. Then I started to piston my cock in and out. This was going to be a much quicker unloading. I pushed my right hand over the back of Timothy’s head and grabbed his arms with my left hand, pulling them behind his back. Now he was completely at my will, with his head against the ground and his arms behind his back. His back continued to arch and that hole opened even wider. I lost it and shot another powerful load of spunk deep in that butt, spanking him as I finished.

This time it wasn’t as slow, and as soon as I spurted out the last drop of cum I pulled my cock fully out of Timothy and shoved it right down his throat. I was going to make sure he knew his place and that he cleaned my cock before I left.

I definitely caught him by surprise as his sleepy eyes opened wide and he gagged. I kept persisting though and my entire length went down his throat. I wasn’t as hard as before I came, but he still got a mouthful. His eyes teared a bit and I slid in and out as he licked and sucked. I made him suck my balls and lick around my cock a few moments longer before pulling him up to kiss me. He was light so I just picked him up and he wrapped his legs around me as we made out. I leaned him onto the bed and we just sat there embracing, kissing, getting even more acquainted. The soft peacefulness after the deep and intense breeding was so nice. It was rare to find a boy like Timothy.

We kissed a while longer and then eventually I got dressed and left. Leaving Timothy naked on his bed with an open hole and two of my loads spilling out. He must’ve slept like a rock after that session. I nearly skipped home, I was so happy. My balls completely empty.