How my roommate pimped out my throat.

By Unknown

I wasn’t entirely sure why I agreed to Dylan’s plan.

Probably the same reason I had watched him jerk off, or why I had let him walk in on me jerking off. Dylan was hot. Rugged in a boyish way that made me want to stay away from him and take care of him at the same time. He filled out his shorts and shirts so nicely, and everything from the way he nodded at his boys in the hall to how he held open doors just fascinated me; and Dylan knew that. He had that information. And he was using it to his advantage.

“Dylan, please,” My words were soft and stunted as I spoke to him. “I really don’t know about this. I mean, I’ve never done anything like this.”

Even though I couldn’t see him, I could hear Dylan’s jockish timbre from above me in the dark folds of the room. “Don’t freak, buddy. I just need this one favour, and then we’re cool. Then I can delete the video, and we all go back to being pals.” He dragged out pals; made it sound warm and soft, as if we had been any more than close-encounters of the roommate kind before this. I fidgeted idly in the dark, the carpet of our dorm room abrasive against my knees.

Dylan had me sitting cross-legged in the middle of the floor, between our two beds, facing the wooden door. Around my neck was a bow tie he wanted me to wear (“First impressions count, buddy”), and he had put me in the underwear he had stolen from me that he had kept under his pillow. I hadn’t yet asked him why he had stolen them; partly because I liked playing with the idea he harboured his own secret crush on me, and partly because it was fucking hot.

Dylan, however, had given himself a much more interesting position. He sat riiigggghtttt on the edge of his desk chair right behind me, legs seated lazily over my shoulders and against my bare chest, so my head rested lazily against his bulge. Listening to his breath above me, I imagined each exhalation falling into my dishevelled hair like thickets of fog. Unable to turn my head to look back at him, I wondered if he was sporting his own rock hard boner. If his was out of anticipation, mine was out of fear.

Just as I was about to speak, I heard the doorknob twist. Dylan’s furry legs stiffened against me, and we were both frozen as the door swung open. Light from the hall flooded the room for a moment, hurting my eyes, and I could see the outline of the person who had just opened the door. He was taller, maybe taller than Dylan, and definitely fit. He wore a tank top with loose gym shorts, and stopped momentarily in his tracks at the sight of us; Dylan legs spread confidently in his chair; me, dutifully upright under his bulge like a royal concubine.

The stranger spoke, his voice jockish. “Holy shit, man. Just… fuck.”

Dylan’s voice vibrated down his thighs and calves and into my skull. “Shut the door.” The stranger obliged, looking over his shoulder before he plunged us all into darkness. My neck hair rose at the sound of his footsteps as he inched towards us, feeling his way closer in the dark. “Michael, this is my roommate. He doesn’t have a name. Say hello, boy.”

I swallowed, letting my voice hush into a whisper. “Nice to meet you.” I felt Dylan’s legs squeeze against my throat softly but firmly. “Sir.”

Dylan’s hand ruffled my hair. “Good boy,” I could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke to Michael. “I already explained the situation to him. He was very eager to help in any way we could. Isn’t that right, boy?”

I looked up at Michael, his silhouette now visible to my adjusted eyes. My face felt hot. “Yes, Dylan.”

The shaking of Michael’s head was barely visible. “How the fuck did you get him to agree to this? Fuck, man. He’ll really suck my dick? Like… my whole dick?”

Dylan tangled his fingers in my hair, right against my scalp, and I knew that was my cue. I felt in front of me for Michael’s legs, and patted my way up to his waistband. Michael gasped slightly as I turned his shorts into a pool on the ground, and switched onto my knees for better access. Then, only partially reluctantly, I licked his balls.

He sucked air in suddenly as I got to work, letting his own hand find its way to my cheek as I lathered him up. His dick was warm, and I could tell by the slight salty flavour he had just hit the gym. I lapped gratuitously at his growing erection, kissing the fuzzy base, then suckling the veiny shaft all the way to the fat bulbous head. I nursed it ever so lightly, listening to Michael’s hushed groans as I licked his meaty cock.

Dylan played with my hair as he whispered slowly, as if trying not to spook me. “Don’t stop, bro. Let that big dick in your throat. Go ahead, boy. It’s alright. I’ll help you take it.”

I nodded, my lips sticky with saliva. Sitting the head on my tongue, I cushioned my pink lips around the athlete’s dick. Dylan pushed my head, and together, we slid inch after fleshy inch of Michael’s dick into my wet throat. His dick tasted unbelievably savoury, and my eyes watered as he swore, flattening my uvula and introducing his pubes to my gums. I let him throb in there for a few moments, stroking the underside with my tongue, before dislodging him all the way out to the led, where I kissed his precumming tip. He was close.

“Oh my God,” Michael didn’t bother whispering. “Don’t stop. Please, suck my fucking dick, God, please bro.” Dylan leant down to my ear, his breath dancing in my ear. “You heard him,” Something about his tone made my cock pulse, and I moaned. “Suck his dick. Show him what boy throat can do.”

I giggled. “Right away, Sir.” I gave his balls a few tugs, massaging my dripping spit into his length.

Then, I swallowed him whole. And sucked his fucking dick.

Michael swore loudly as I bobbed my head at breakneck pace. His balls dribbled against my chin as drool bubbled past my lips. I was in heaven, slurping and gagging on his guys cock while Dylan called me a good boy. At one point he told me to moan their names, and I gleefully answered him with a muffled ‘Mmmmchulll! Dyyyywinn!”, Michael’s bull nuts stuffed into my mouth. Dylan’s hairy legs were fully activated; rubbing and crossing against my chest in a comforting motion as he fetched his own cock from his shorts. I had cum long ago, mumbling happily on the dick in my mouth as Michael administered his own rhythmic thrusts into my skull.

Eventually Michael’s thrusts became sloppy, and I cooed on his dick to signal Dylan. My roommate slowed his own jerking to stand up. I whined as I cranes my neck further, the skyscrapers of Dylan and his endowed friend dropping pearls of sweat in my eyes. Dylan stroked in furious tandem with Michael, who now had both paws holding my hands in place as he face fucked me.

Then, almost 30 minutes after he had walked in, Michael began to cum. He swore over and over as he planted my nose roughly into his groin, shuddering as he dumped spurt after spurt of spooge into my stomach.

“Fuck, babe! Take this hot cum!” Dylan spat on me as he shot onto my face and Michael’s abs. Michael pulled out with a low, contented sigh, and Dylan lowered himself closer to me. I took the chance to lap greedily at hus balls as he released creamy ropes across my collarbone. His fapping came to a slow, heaving halt as he finished, and all three of us were left fully spent. The smell of sex was in the air, and Michael gave Dylan a cheeky fist bump as he pulled his shorts up. To me, he gave a light slap and reached to my chest, spreading the dripping cum across my chest and his hand. He ran a sticky hand through my hair before approaching the door, and moments later Dylan and I were alone.

Dylan crashed back into his chair, and murmured softly as I leant back against this thighs, humming quietly to myself as I stroked his last straggling drops into my hair and forehead.


I kissed his balls in response.

“Would you like to meet more of my friends?”

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